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Compliance Consultancy

The rise of Digital Business Compliance ApproachThe essence of Compliance changed in the past years as an answer to the changing financial and socio-economic environment.Within Compliance we can distinguish two major blocks. The first block is everything related to Financial Crimes Compliance and th...

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Management Firm

As a management firm, Pideeco has developed through industry experience the ability to assess business processes on their effectiveness. Starting from scratch and building the structure and the governance is also of great benefit for human tailored companies and independent professions. Being and...

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Technology Driven Business

The challenge is to make our customers aware of the added value of revisiting their company standards in order to best leverage today's technology advantages. Nowadays we get a sense that the constantly increasing volume, velocity and dynamic nature of data makes it impossible for analysts alo...

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Business Intelligence

The challenge is to make our customers aware of the added value of reviewing their company standards to best leverage to...

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Online Platforms

There are no more doubts that modern technology can make your business thrive by improving your business' approach, o...

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Business Solutions

The challenge is to make our customers aware of the added value of reviewing their company standards to best leverage to...

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Business Partner Focus


Working together, we create the planning of the service based on your type of business model, your needs and the available means.


Customization of the concept for every unique client. Our compliance concept is based on our extended knowledge and experience in the field. Our experts adapt to the needs of each business and only presents relevant and efficient services.


Development of IT solutions by our experts in order to execute in the most efficient, rapid and well-structured way the complex compliance regulatory obligations that a business may have to face.

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Anticipate regulatory changes, fasten your operational pipeline, develop your market with our financial and legal specialists

Every client is different and deserves our specific attention. We will explore alternatives and anticipate future necessities together.

At Pideeco we make sure that we provide the best services and solutions that suits your peculiar needs.

Our range of solutions and products can be implemented to any operating system or safe network environment with ease. Our professionals assistance is obviously also available for that purpose. Generated data can be quickly exported to common desk utility softwares.

Tailor-made professional tools that fasten and enhance your company' work efficiency
Any assignment carried out using appropriate equipment and extensive know-how and experience to ensure a high level of quality
Educating the mind with professional material - Seminars, articles, case studies, e-learning platform
Your invoice should include some minimum information:
  • Information about your company (Company name, legal form, VAT number, contact information, account number.
  • Information provided by Pideeco.
  • Invoice number, date and payment deadline.
  • Type of services provided.
  • Total amount without VAT, VAT rate and total amount with VAT.
  • Depending on the business and the service provided this information may vary. Please contact us for more details.

What you get with Pideeco

Secured, fast, intuitive project exchange platforms for business collaboration.

Discover Pideeco Compliance Services and Business solutions for your operational business needs

A Project pipeline management system

Shared platform enhancing project management, statistics and effortless collaboration between stakeholders

Fixed rates

We set our prices for a longer period and whereby a pool of experts allows you to modulate your offer based on the needs.

Immediate feedback

Framework agreements allow our customers to rely on us during the periods required!