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RBA Metrics

Risk-Based Approach (RBA) is a way companies measure the risks that they face. A risk assessment is a mandatory exercise for many entities and institutions. The entities have to name the risks that they may face, assess where they stand, and implement a points system to evaluate individual risks and the overall risk. Loads of available data and the complexity of the business models have created the need for RBA metrics platforms.

RBA metrics assist in the automation of the risk assessment process and as a result help companies identify the sectors where they should prioritize.

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Risk Based Approach

Are you looking for more detailed information on Risk Based Approach ? Follow the article for more insights.

The metrics are criteria on which the prioritization of actions of a company will be based. Pideeco can create an RBA metrics platform for your business and conduct risk assessments in an automatic and secure way. The assessments will refer to different categories of risks like Anti Money Laundering (AML) risk. An AML risk assessment matrix will be created and provided in the platform. The same is applicable for all the risks provided.

In the long term, the business using the platform will save time and money, as the whole process will be mainly automated and not a man's work. Pideeco's IT experts and regulatory consultants will cover the entire process and assist you along the way of implementation and training of the staff on how to use the platform.

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RBA Metrics - Technology Driven Business
RBA Metrics

Risk-Based Approach (RBA) is a way companies measure the risks that they face. A risk...

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