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Oscar Canario da Cunha

With Pideeco since April, 2017
Legal background and in-depth contemporary knowledge of Finance and Banking European Regulation, Institutions and Supervisors. Oscar is experienced in banking and financial regulation specializing in legal regulatory risk requirements and technical implementation.
Keystone between design and technical development, result-oriented, he ensures that information transits effectively and assists on operations with high proficiency.
Oscar has a track record of automating controls, Friendly-user safe input systems and proof bespoke solutions. Invested in regulatory and information technology domains. Part of international Financial and Central Compliance Projects, constantly developping regulatory acquaintance and digital skills to best serve clients 'objectives with advices and trending cost-efficient business apps.

More work

The rising cost of regulatory compliance for financial institutions

Businesses are increasingly worried about regulatory costs that arise every time a new legal framework is put in place. The stakeholders fear that the cost of compliance will cut the growth of businesses and will lead to very restrictive business env...

6th AML Directive (6AMLD) : The European Harmonization

AML, Financial Sanctions, European Commission, Financial Firms, Compliance expert,

On November 12, 2018, the European Parliament issued new rules to strengthen the fight against money laundering through the 6th EU Money Laundering Directive (2018/1673). Member States have until 3 December 2020 to transpose the Sixth AML Directive a...

VAT carousel, a fiction or a truth for financial institutions ?

VAT, Caroussel, Europe, Know your Customer, KYC, European Commission, VIES, BTW, TVA,

VAT Carousels - The look back in the transactions For several years now there have been occasional stories of VAT carousels that are exposed after the facts and where banks then do a look back in the transactions on their systems to determine whether...

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