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MiFID II applies in EU Member States since January 2018 and provides enhanced protection to investors by aiming, among o...

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What is a Compliance Risk Assessment (CRA)? Learn more about how your business can identify compliance related risks.

How do financial institutions fight against bribery and corruption? Discover the anti-bribery and corruption internation...

Michel Cliquet - Pideeco
Senior Consultant

Michel has joined Pideeco in April 2020 after having worked almost 8 years in Compliance with leading international comp...

Market abuse harms the integrity of financial markets and destroys confidence in securities and derivatives. Learn how w...

Aurelie Vandenbulcke - Pideeco
Junior Consultant

Aurlie joined Pideeco in September 2023 as a Financial Crime Junior Consultant immediately after completing her Master...

Learn how modern learning management can improve your staff aptitudes! Powerful compliance trainings and legal regulator...

Screening systems compare a large list of sources of information (structured and unstructured) against a specific resear...

Efficient data management systems and methods are becoming imperative in a any business environment. Privacy and securit...

What is an ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) and why is it important for KYC screening? Learn about UBO screenings and the...

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What is the EU Second Payment Services Directive and does it impact your financial institution? Learn more about it in o...

Fight against fraud by adopting a risk-based approach will help your business to guarantee the prevention of fraud risks...

In a continuously evolving business and regulatory environment, policies and procedures are the backbone to any company....

Stefano Siggia - Pideeco
Senior Consultant

Stefano joined Pideeco in January of 2020 after having worked in the realm of banking for 7 years. Before settling in C...

Monitoring of financial transactions and reporting to the relevant authority can be challenging for a business. Learn mo...

What is FATCA regulation ? Learn all about it and what mandatory compliance steps financial institutions need to take.

What is a regulatory watch and why is it a fundamental part of any compliance program? Learn more in our service page.

Thomas Turcksin - Pideeco
Junior Consultant

Thomas is a junior consultant who joined Pideeco in January 2021. Pro-active, he immediately developed his knowledge tha...

What the European Benchmark Regulation (BMR)? Learn about benchmarks, reference rates, and get a sense of the Regulation...

Andre Figueira De Carvalho - Pideeco
Junior Consultant

Calm, precise and rigorous by nature, his ambition and desire to learn quickly and efficiently allows him to grow on a d...

Money laundering, terrorism financing and organised crime remain significant problems which should be addressed. Flows o...

Drini Vula - Pideeco
Senior Consultant

He possesses a deep understanding of the insurance industry and legal matters in general. He is highly analytical and co...

Businesses often deal with incidents that threaten the balance of the company or imply sanctions. Learn how to manage i...

Are cryptocurrencies subjected to European regulation? Learn how 5AMLD views cryptocurrencies and what rules exchangers ...

Adverse Media or Negative news screening is a fundamental process of any compliance and KYC programs. Learn more about w...

International Economic Sanctions and Embargoes. Avoid punitive measures and learn how to protect your financial business...

Online Customer Due Diligence Investigation Platform

What is a Compliance Action Plan and why is it important for your financial institution? Learn what a CAP is in our serv...

What is customer due diligence (CDD) and what is the EU legal framework? Learn more in our service page

What is corporate governance and how do you implement its rules in a company? Find out in our service page.

Pideeco offers dedicated platforms and solutions to prevent and detect market abuses like insider dealing. Your business...

Financial Crime Compliance
Financial Crime

Preventing the misuse of the financial market and protecting customers

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Business Compliance Regulatory Risk
Regulatory Risk

The consideration of evolving Regulation for the organisation of business activities

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Anti-Money Laundering Finance Crime
AML Solutions

Resilient solutions to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and TF regulation

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Know Your Customer Compliance Consultant
KYC Compliance

Operational Experts in Regulatory Risk & Customer Portfolio Assessment

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Experts in risk management and regulatory compliance

Pideeco is a consultancy firm providing legal services, business solutions, operational assistance and educational material for professionals in the financial industry.

We are based in Brussels and we specialize in regulatory risk compliance services covering the Eurozone.

Pideeco combines professional Regulatory knowledge and technical expertise to safeguard your business’ reputational and operational risk. Our unique customer-centric approach helps us build strategical and legitimate cost-efficient remedies.
Our culture of anticipating, clear communication and strong perception skills safeguard robust framework in our partner relationships.
Working with us as a team means reaching out to complementary people with out of the box thinking and inventive visions, solutions and skills that will strengthen your business and enhance your work efficiency.
Travel to regulatory compliance success !
The customer-centric approach starts with listening to the particular needs before proposing strategic and legitimate remedies.
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Speed up productivity

With more than 30 years of combined successful professional experience in company administration, we’re confident we will put you on the best path and help you avoid many obstacles.

Anticipation of needs

Delivering on time, and within budget, can be very challenging but the closure and hand over to the business as usual is most important. A balance of skills and experience can break the odds.

Grow your market

Complementary backgrounds and approaches ready to assist in all of your projects from vision to development and implementation of tailor-made business solutions.

Why choose our risk management and regulatory compliance services ?

Professional Guidance

Anticipate regulatory changes, fasten your operational pipeline, develop your market with our financial and legal specialists

Business Solutions

Tailor-made professional tools that fasten and enhance your company' work efficiency

Professional Material

Educating the mind with professional material - Seminars, articles, case studies, e-learning platform

Accountable supervisory work

Conduct of quality evaluation (4 eyes principle) of the work and the performance of the services, based on the "best practices" methodology.

Addicted to time-efficiency

The role of Compliance profiles changed drastically over the past decades and this multi-skilled person of many talents is in need of help from an invisible hand. Automated business solutions allow to keep track with the fast changing regulatory requirements and to remain compliant with the spread of regulation.

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