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Financial Crime Compliance
Financial Crime

Preventing the misuse of the financial market and protecting customers

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Business Compliance Regulatory Risk
Regulatory Risk

The consideration of evolving Regulation for the organisation of business activities

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Anti-Money Laundering Finance Crime
AML Solutions

Resilient solutions to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and TF regulation

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Know Your Customer Compliance Consultant
KYC Compliance

Operational Experts in Regulatory Risk & Customer Portfolio Assessment

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Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Professionals

Pideeco is a european consultancy firm providing legal services, business solutions, operational assistance and education material for professionals in the financial industry. We are based in Brussels and we specialize in regulatory risk & compliance services covering the Eurozone. Pideeco combines professional Regulatory knowledge and technical expertise to safeguard your business reputational and operational risk.
Our culture of anticipating, clear communication and strong perception skills safeguard robust framework in our partner relationships.
Working with us as a team means to reach out to complementary people, what allows out of the box thinking and inventive vision, solution and skills that will strenghten your business and enhance work efficiency.
Travel to regulatory compliance success !
The customer-centric approach starts with listening to the particular needs before proposing strategic and legitimate remedies.
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Why choose our risk management and regulatory compliance services ?

Professional Guidance

Anticipate regulatory changes, fasten your operational pipeline, develop your market with our financial and legal specialists

Accountable supervisory work

Conduct of quality evaluation (4 eyes principle) of the work and the performance of the services, based on the "best practices" methodology.

Diligent and professional manners

Any assignment carried out using appropriate equipment and extensive know-how and experience to ensure a high level of quality

Extensive documentation

We will build a strong Governance with the Regulator's approval at the final end.

Addicted to time-efficiency

The role of Compliance profiles changed drastically over the past decades and this multi skilled person of many talents is in need of the help of the invisible hand. Automated business solutions allows to keep track with the fast changing regulatory requirements and to remain compliant with the spread of regulation.

Pideeco Technology Driven Business Services
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Working with us as a team means to reach out to complementary people, what allows out of the box thinking and innovative vision, solution and skills that will strenghten your business and enhance the work efficiency.

The integrity of your organisation is essential. The top management has to explain how they plan to avoid breaches of integrity thanks to well-defined codes of conduct, corporate values and business p...

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The rising complexity of data management tends to become a usual thing to see these days. Businesses have to cope with the challenges of the management of data in a highly regulated environment. IT to...

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Market Abuse is a concept that encompasses unlawful behaviour in the financial market and damages transparency. It includes insider trading, market manipulation and the unlawful disclosure of privileg...

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Financing of terrorism is defined as the distribution or collection of funds, in any way, directly or indirectly, with the purpose of or knowledge that these funds will be used in full or in part by a...

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Articles spotlight

Regulatory Compliance for European Insurance and Reinsurance Firms

Insurance/reinsurance companies play an important role for the European economy. Many European countries, among them Belgium, are listed in the top 2...

Speed up productivity

More than 30 years of combined successful professional experience in company administration we’re confident we will put you on the best path and help you avoid many obstacles.

Anticipation of needs

Delivering on time, within budget can be very challenging but the closure and hand over to the business as usual is the most important. A Balance of skills and experience can break the odds.

Grow your market

Complementary backgrounds and approaches ready to assist in all of your projects from vision to development and implementation of tailor-made business solutions.

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