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Experts in business solutions and technical support in Compliance, Finance and Operational refinement.

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About us

Based on our experience within different financial industries we develop grounded solutions along with advices and operational support in regulatory risk projects. Our customer-centric approach starts with listening to the particular needs before proposing strategical and legitimate remedies.

Our mission

To improve the workflow of our customers by presenting the best solutions to their technical or advisory needs. We design Innovative and Resilient solutions on facts and figures out of the industry. We will support your company continuously during the pipeline of your projects.

Our expertise

Firms don’t only need to stay compliant with the increasing complexity of laws, rules, and regulations but also with connecting the dots within the subset of rules and regulations. Consultancy in compliance brings the in depth knowledge as experts but at the same time the helicopter view to design and implement the risk based governance.

Project Management Professional Business Platform
01. Welcome

Compliance, the (r)evolution of the past decade

The role of Compliance profiles changed drastically over the past decades and this multi skilled person of many talents is in need of the help of the invisible hand.

Pideeco combines professional Regulatory knowledge and technical expertise to safeguard your business reputational and operational risk. Our unique customer-centric approach helps us build strategical and legitimate remedies. Resilient solutions, designed on facts and figures out of the industry by professionals that will support your company continuously during the pipeline of your projects.

Piet De Vreese - Managing Director - Pideeco.be
With more than 20 years of professional experience in the financial crime industry, we’re confident that technology can put businesses on a much better path and help avoid many obstacles. Pideeco solutions start with a proper definition of the objectives and are enlightened by the business professional vision all along the development phase.
Piet De Vreese - Executive Director
Planning stage - Starting your project with Pideeco

Planning stage

Business model, systems and past issues consideration to gradually come to a complete gap analysis & Reconciling of data. This also allows to agree on the definitions and the initiation of the project.

Requirements analysis - Starting your project with Pideeco

Requirements analysis

Best practices & 4eyes principle. Implementing intelligent and safe professional tools helping to build transparency in case of breaches.

Deliver and sign off process  - Starting your project with Pideeco

Deliver and sign off process

The business requirements are accompanied by the sign off process and the responsibilities of the stakeholders. At the final hand over all accompanying documents with decisions, change requests and remediation documents will be inventoried to facilitate future audits.

02. Why choose us

We deliver high quality services

Connecting the dots and bringing added value with our passion for innovative solutions facilitates parts of your business. At the same time we safeguard continuity by implementing a dedicated platform for document management to every project. On your dedicated space you will have secured access at all time.

Browse some of our features

Professional Material

Educating the mind with professional material - Seminars, articles, case studies, e-learning platform

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Accountable supervisory work

Conduct of quality evaluation (4 eyes principle) of the work and the performance of the services, based on the "best practices" methodology.

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Professional Guidance

Anticipate regulatory changes, fasten your operational pipeline, develop your market with our financial and legal specialists

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Diligent and professional manners

Any assignment carried out using appropriate equipment and extensive know-how and experience to ensure a high level of quality

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Extensive documentation

We will build a strong Governance with the Regulator's approval at the final end.

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Business Solutions

Tailor-made professional tools that fasten and enhance your company' work efficiency

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Financial Crimes and Central Compliance

High topics on our radar. Our company wants to bring the enlightenment to the Compliance departments

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Building a new process
from scratch

Time consuming

When starting to build an internal process, there are so many aspects that must be taken into cosideration. Sometimes, if you are not experienced with the matter or not working with an experienced colleague, you might get overwhelmed by the complexity of the entire project.

Reinventing the wheel

In the era of fast growing technology you must be careful not to waste time doing some thing over and over again. Identifying your Business model characteristics and customize the operations to fit your company specificities.


Creating a fresh process
with Pideeco

30+ Years of operational expertize

Pideeco operates since 2010 among worldwide financial industries and helps to put in place and to refine operational processes. Bringing automation and clerical methodologies to avoid hikes in resources consumption.

Loaded with specialists

Computer Scientists, Lawyers, Jurists, Economists, Analysts at your service for a wide range of industries.

Project Management Professional Business Platform
03. A last word

Compliance business solutions

The role of Compliance profiles changed drastically over the past decades and this multi skilled person of many talents is in need of the help of the invisible hand.

Building electronic solutions allows to keep track with the fast changing regulatory requirements and to remain compliant. Manual processes and human interference are jamming the development of a state of the art compliance department. By industrializing methods, we avoid hikes in the number of resources (human and material) and enhance work effiency.

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04. Asked questions

Some questions and answers before we start

Is Pideeco insured ?

As company we have several insurances. First of all there is the mandatory ‘liability’ insurance, the mandatory insurance as ‘Compliance Officer’ and the optional ‘Legal Aid’.

How are invoices sent ?

As company we opted for a paperless way of working and this resulted in electronic invoices that will be submitted per mail by month end. This allows customers to deduct the amount of VAT in the month of the delivery of the services. The Invoices will also be stored and accessible to clients through synergy platform during 10 years.