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Does Pideeco protect my privacy as customer?

At Pideeco, we focus on practices that are designed to protect your privacy. Our privacy statement reflects the usage of data we may treat, strictly limited to the necessity of our services. Furthermore, we sign an NDA with our partners, employees and with every client and continuously walk towards security sensitization with our internal staff.

How are invoices sent ?

As company we opted for a paperless way of working and this resulted in electronic invoices that will be submitted per mail by month end. This allows customers to deduct the amount of VAT in the month of the delivery of the services. The Invoices will also be stored and accessible to clients through synergy platform during 10 years.

How to schedule a presentation meeting ?

As company we try to proactively manage the diary. Meetings are scheduled without any delay and can be held at our offices centrally located at the beginning of the Avenue Louise. Parking spots are available. But also reachable by public transport. In case of virtual meetings we use "Skype meetings" and have a video conferencing system.

How can I access my project pipeline management ?

A dedicated spot on Pideeco secured drive and platforms will be reserved and accessible by your personal code. This allows to limit the document exchange per email and follow up of the latest status of your project. In the heath of the moment when facing audits or other demands on the project initiation, the full documentation can be downloaded to meet urgent requests.

Where can I find more information about the legal set-up of Pideeco and the financial soundness ?

All publications can be verified through Belgian commercial register. We are looking forward to complete the UBO register as of the 31st of October whereby we will be able to complete this part as stipulated in the below publication. An article will follow soon about the practical submission. UBO Register

Is Pideeco insured ?

As company we have several insurances. First of all there is the mandatory "liability" insurance, the mandatory insurance as "Compliance Officer" and the optional "Legal Aid".

Gender Equality policy

Does Pideeco stimulate the equal gender ? As partners we set diversity high on the agenda and do not discriminate across gender, race, disability and sexual orientation... the only thing that matters is the added value and complementarity in our teams !

How handles Pideeco its car park ?

As a Brussels based company we stimulate to drive petrol, hybride or electric cars to lower the company/'s footprint. We are also part of the Clean Advantage program that invests in many projects that not only reduce CO2 , but also help to provide habitats for wildlife, clean landfills, and develop local parks and recreational space for people to enjoy. We took the initiative from the beginning to give a subscription to the public transport to every employee. The Inrix Global Traffic Scorecard delivers a comparison study of traffic congestion and rates the impact hover Belgium/'s capital city... You can learn more at

Is Pideeco eco friendly and how is this reflected in the day to day work ?

Pideeco keeps its employees informed of major news linked to sustainable development, with the purpose to making eco-friendly behaviours the machinery behind reducing the company's environmental impact. We encourage eco-friendly attitudes in our daily tasks. In our office we limit the printing of documents and try to work fully paperless. We encourage together with our clients the use of soft copies during meetings. Customers also gain-time and reduce cco-footprint by having access to the project documents through the cockpit platform.

Where can I find more information about the services you render to my company ?

In the synergy platform of Pideeco you can consult the details and the history of all projects we have delivered to you in the past. For more information please refer to the appropriate section in the website you received access to.

What feels like working at Pideeco ?

For us it is important that you share our vision and this will make you feel at home, will ensure the growth in knowledge and self-esteem. We will guide you, but at the same time challenge you by delegating responsibilities. Practice makes perfect. Your contribution will be to become guide in due time. Meet with our preferred partners and share moments to grow together with.

Accountable supervisory work

Conduct of quality evaluation (4 eyes principle) of the work and the performance of the services, based on the "best practices" methodology.

Extensive documentation

We will build a strong Governance with the Regulator's approval at the final end.

Diligent and professional manners

Any assignment carried out using appropriate equipment and extensive know-how and experience to ensure a high level of quality

Financial Crimes and Central Compliance

High topics on our radar. Our company wants to bring the enlightenment to the Compliance departments

Professional Guidance

Anticipate regulatory changes, fasten your operational pipeline, develop your market with our financial and legal specialists

Business Solutions

Tailor-made professional tools that fasten and enhance your company' work efficiency

Professional Material

Educating the mind with professional material - Seminars, articles, case studies, e-learning platform

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