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Ana Pinto - Pideeco Member
Ana Pinto Trainee

Diogo Canario da Cunha - Pideeco Member
Diogo Canario da Cunha Junior Computer Scientist Consultant

Hakim Amri - Pideeco Member
Hakim Amri Trainee

Michel Cliquet - Pideeco Member
Michel Cliquet Senior Consultant

Mary Aspiras - Pideeco Member
Mary Aspiras Trainee

Cesario Pinto - Pideeco Member
Cesario Pinto Trainee

Aurelie Vandenbulcke - Pideeco Member
Aurelie Vandenbulcke Trainee

Oscar Canario da Cunha - Pideeco Member
Oscar Canario da Cunha Associate Director

Stefano Siggia - Pideeco Member
Stefano Siggia Senior Consultant

Damian Vildosola Truche - Pideeco Member
Damian Vildosola Truche Senior Consultant

Reeva Manalili - Pideeco Member
Reeva Manalili Trainee

Momina Zahra - Pideeco Member
Momina Zahra

Piet De Vreese - Pideeco Member
Piet De Vreese Managing Director

Redan El Madani - Pideeco Member
Redan El Madani Trainee

Yanis Triaa - Pideeco Member
Yanis Triaa Trainee

Elise Loncol - Pideeco Member
Elise Loncol Trainee

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AML: What is adverse media or negative news?

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The digital era has given KYC analysts unprecedented access to a plethora of information on individuals and companies. Newspaper articles, online blogs, and social media are accessible and filterable with one click and may reveal important news on a ...

How to detect COVID-19 financial crimes?

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While the world is on hold, financial crime has not taken a step back amidst the coronavirus emergency. Scammers, money launderers, and fraudsters have begun to exploit the weaknesses in the economy and in the fearful and worried population. As the...

How to remotely identify clients and become PSD2 compliant?


The European Banking Authority (EBA) published in June 2019 an Opinion on the elements of strong customer authentication (SCA) under the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) . The Opinion provides non-exhaustive lists of the authentication eleme...