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Vasiliki Karamousali - Pideeco Network Partner
Vasiliki Karamousali Senior Consultant

Anastasia Bidjocka - Pideeco Network Partner
Anastasia Bidjocka Junior Consultant

Pavel Matejka - Pideeco Network Partner
Pavel Matejka Senior Consultant

Piet De Vreese - Pideeco Network Partner
Piet De Vreese Managing Director

Danielle R. - Pideeco Network Partner
Danielle R. Trainee

Jean-Baptiste B.T. - Pideeco Network Partner
Jean-Baptiste B.T. Trainee

Charline Jerry - Pideeco Network Partner
Charline Jerry Trainee

Jeremy M. - Pideeco Network Partner
Jeremy M. Trainee

Diogo Canario da Cunha - Pideeco Network Partner
Diogo Canario da Cunha Junior Computer Scientist Consultant

Albert K. - Pideeco Network Partner
Albert K. Trainee

Oscar Canario da Cunha - Pideeco Network Partner
Oscar Canario da Cunha Associate Director

Emma L. - Pideeco Network Partner
Emma L. Trainee

Amir O. - Pideeco Network Partner
Amir O. Trainee

Haytham H. - Pideeco Network Partner
Haytham H. Trainee

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Which Regulatory Compliance Requirements target the Banking Industry ?

Compliance risk is one of the biggest concerns of the banking industry. Failing to comply can impact on the reputation of the brand and create a decrease in its customer population. Lack of due diligence in transactions and clients monitoring can dra...

What is the value of top down approach for Regulatory Compliance Operations?

Governance, MiFID, Compliance expert, Tone at the Top, Top-down, MiFID2, Audit Findings,

A top-down approach highlights the behaviour of regulatory changes in the financial institution and helps the Compliance Officer to build a strong Governance. This principle is also known as “tone at the top” in ethical and responsible business b...

Introduction to DLU 4: Foreign accounts and Fiscal Regularisation

What is DLU and how has it evolved through the years? DLU stands for "Déclaration Libératoire Unique", which is a Single Discharge Declaration. By introducing the DLU concept, the scope of the Belgian tax authority was to give a chance, to people ...