Compliance Consulting
Risicobeheer- en adviesbureau

Compliance Consulting

Risicobeheer- en adviesbureau

De opkomst van Digital Business Compliance Approach

The content of Compliance changed in the past years as an answer to the changing financial and socio-economic environment.
Within Compliance we can distinguish two major blocks. The first block is everything related to Financial Crimes Compliance and the second block is the Central Compliance.

Preventing the misuse of the financial market and protecting customers

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The organisation of all the compliance monitoring and controlling activities

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Financial regulatory compliance modern challenges

The changing regulation, reporting (not solely FATCA and CRS), financial crisis (MiFID2, PRIIPs,...), shareholder return, source of wealth and source of funds (vast majority of UHNWI will no longer be based on continental Europe but in other parts of the world like the United States, China, Brazil, Russia, India, Australia,...) require a different approach within the financial business environment.


The capabilities of a consultant in Compliance requires a multiskilled person that can cope with numerous publications. The high degree of harmonisation across the EU through the single rulebook after the financial crisis allows us to partner with our colleague consultants around Europe.

Legal harmonisation stimulates the compliance global approach

Within the Insurance world we are also able to speak with peers in the market as the harmonization through Solvency II applies.

The deployment or the positive equivalence determination of Solvency II in Bermuda had already an impact in Belgium and continental Europe.

So on the one hand we might think that overregulation would slow down the business, but on the other hand we observe that it stimulates a global approach. The customer can benefit from having access to a broader product range.

Keeping that in mind we know that we will be on a steep growth curve with numerous challenges.
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We'll present you the technology to stop money laundering and terrorist financing

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Nalevingsrisicobeoordeling CRA
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Wettelijk toezicht
Benchmark BMR - Compliance Consulting
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Interne opleiding - Compliance Consulting
Interne opleiding
Nalevingsactieplan - Compliance Consulting
 Oscar Canario da Cunha - Pideeco Network Partner class=
Oscar Canario da Cunha
Managing Director
"Building on solid experience is essential to effectively upgrade existing processes. Our partners are domain professionals with extended background on business financial, intelligence"
 Piet De Vreese - Pideeco Network Partner class=
Piet De Vreese
Managing Director
"With more than twenty years of experience in compliance and the banking sector and a diversified team of professionals, we are able to transform in depth legal analysis and procedures in market practice."
 Michel Cliquet - Pideeco Network Partner class=
Michel Cliquet
Senior Consultant
"It is the customization of services and the continuous assistance to the clients after the completion of their project that makes Pideeco not just a temporary service provider but a business partner."
Domain Experts
Michel Cliquet - Pideeco Network Partner
Michel Cliquet
Senior Consultant
Pavel Matejka - Pideeco Network Partner
Pavel Matejka
Senior Consultant
Piet De Vreese - Pideeco Network Partner
Piet De Vreese
Managing Director
Ruben Constantino David - Pideeco Network Partner
Ruben Constantino David
Junior Consultant
Hoe klanten op afstand identificeren en PSD2-compliant zijn?
Michel Cliquet

De Europese Bankautoriteit (EBA) publiceerde in juni 2019 een advies over de elementen van sterke klantauthenticatie (SCA) onder de herziene Richtlijn betalingsdiensten (PSD2) . Het advies bevat niet-uitputtende lijsten van de authenticatie-elementen en vermeldt of deze...

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Hoe klanten op afstand identificeren en PSD2-compliant zijn? - Pideeco Journal