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For any professional, setting the emphasis on a continuous learning principle might be a great way to anticipate mishaps and to prevent deplorable situations. Taking care of trainees and junior analyst's training is a recurrent action to consider, just like preserving and nourishing your staff's professional knowledge. Sometimes it is not only a good conduct behaviour but also a mandatory legal requirement.

The financial crisis of 2008 has led European Union to adopt further rules to increase awareness in the banks and financial institutions for their products and services and over the Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing rules, in order to protect more efficiently the investors.

Continuous staff training and new employee training is essential in order for the institutions to be compliant with the applicable legal framework, like MiFID II , and to reaffirm the adequate knowledge of the staff.

MiFID II requires more than basic knowledge and competence of the staff. It requires that the staff understands specific notions and issues as they are listed in the Directive and ESMA Guidelines.

Internal training

A company's compliance framework must ensure that all employees who have contact with customers or who have access to clients' details and transactions (front or commercial staff) and the compliance staff, understand the reporting, client identification and verification processes, record keeping requirements and other legal obligations. This understanding is only possible by demonstrating that a proper training procedure has been effectively implemented and exercised.

Powerful Trainings give specific examples

The method of training may vary depending on the size of your business and the complexity of the subject. The training program for a small business may be less refined.
Frequency standards, regular updates, maintaining the employees informed of regulatory updates and internal policies and procedures revisions.

Employees shall understand how their institution, organisation or profession is vulnerable to be abused by criminals laundering the proceeds of crime or by terrorists financing their activities. Training should include examples of how your specific type of organisation could be used to clean illicit funds or fund terrorist activity.

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