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Compliance Action Plan

Compliance action plan
Compliance, with the applicable legal framework, depends on the action plan that the entity has designed and applied. A Compliance Action Plan (CAP) should be clear, systematic, and detailed to assist the business in the best possible way.

The action plan of each entity can be different depending on its specificities (i.e. type of business, legal form of the entity, number of employees) and the particular legal framework of each jurisdiction.

What is a Compliance Action Plan?

A Compliance Action Plan is a thorough plan for guaranteeing that a company is abiding by all legal and regulatory requirements. It describes precise steps that must be followed to recognize, evaluate, and control compliance risks. It also describes ways to track and report on compliance performance. A timeframe for execution, roles for various stakeholders, and key performance indicators for measuring success are frequently included in the action plan.

A compliance action plan's goals are to reduce the risk of non-compliance, make sure the business is abiding by the law, and foster a culture of compliance inside the company.

If deadlines are not met a clear reason for postponing should be part of the Compliance Action Plan and transferred to the next period.

How can Pideeco help you with Compliance Action Plan?

Implementing and maintaining Compliance Action Plans can be challenging for several reasons, including recognizing and prioritising areas of risk, addressing emerging risks, and because of time. It should always be built around the risk scale priorities. We at Pideeco can help you to:

- Draft or review your existing policies and procedures to improve and capture all the essential components needed for your CAP.

- Create and complete a compliance risk assessment of your company to find any gaps and to aid you in mitigating them.

- Monitor the outsourced code of conduct reports and the publication of compliance and audit charters.

- Train the staff of your company on their awareness of specific notions and fundamentals of the financial sector.

- Use technology to automate compliance procedures and eliminate the time to collect data and the repetitive checks that come with the work.

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