Conduct Risk - Changing governance principles

Conduct Risk - Changing governance principles

Conduct Risk has been the hot topic during the past few years and it's scope falls outside the traditional domains of risk like liquidity, market, credit and operational risk.

Good Conduct - financial market and risk appetite
Looking at peers in the market will allow benchmarking and reflection if the company maintains the correct appetite, including the trends in the sector.

As there is no one-size fits all within the financial services, the recent and future initiatives will depend upon the industry they are operating in, but as well on the circumstances in the market.

The shift in focus from principles to outcomes, makes conduct risk a very difficult topic for financial firms.

How to redefe Risk Governance standards?

In the last financial crisis all financial institutions were facing severe impact from the reputational risk and are still struggling to put governance in place and they even have a different view on how their governance should look like.
Each firm should articulate the risk appetite by clearly defining the appropriate gains in doing business. This can be a very demanding exercise for most companies. If there are different business lines, an aggregated view will be necessary and timely reflection should be part of the company policy.

Within The Eurozone no clear initiatives have been noticed in that direction. The competent authorities are collecting information without giving feedback. As consultancy firm, we have insights that can be of great benefit to sail the right course.
Conduct risk can be seen as part of compliance but also interacting with other risk functions and customer services (sales force, commercial management, operations). In conduct risk more emphasis will be on corporate governance and senior management accountability and buy in from the middle management.

Requiring Assistance ?

We can assist on governance, procedures and processes by combining expertise in different sectors. Not by re-inventing the wheel but rolling out tailor-made solutions that fit the firm from a customer-centric view; whilst doing we will build on the expertise of the IT companies and tools behind us.

Our culture of anticipating, clear communication and strong listening skills will ensure a robust framework for your company.

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How Corporate Governance standards and good practices mechanisms protect the long-term interests of a company and its shareholders ?

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