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How do human traffickers launder money?

6AMLD, Anti Money Laundering, Due Diligence, Ethics, FATF, Money Laundering, Know your Customer, Risk Based Approach, Transaction Monitoring,

Every year, the freedom of millions of innocent lives are stolen while an illicit river of money continues to flow, concealed by sophisticated laundering strategies. These intertwined underworlds not only rob human dignity but pose a formidable chall...

How are shell companies used for money laundering?

AML, 5AMLD, Anti Money Laundering, Corruption, Compliance, EU, Ethics, KYC, Money Laundering, Red Flags, Tax Havens,

In 2016, Panama Papers exposed a vast database of 214.000 offshore shell companies used by a variety of individuals and companies for tax evasion, money laundering, and corruption. The scandal sent shockwaves across the world, revealing the detriment...

How are charities used for money laundering?

AML, Anti Money Laundering, Cryptocurrencies, Due Diligence, Ethics, Financial Sanctions, Know your Customer, KYC, Money Laundering, Red Flags, Terrorism Financing,

As funds flow into the hands of charities, an unsettling question arises: is your donation inadvertently fueling money laundering activities? While the noble intentions behind charitable giving inspires positive change, criminals have exploited the r...

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