How to book a good consultant for your projects ?

How to book a good consultant for your projects ?

From an extra pair of hands to the person that advises on strategical decisions and the future of your company.

Working as a consultant at another company starts with an understanding of the business model and the company culture. This requires not to be reluctant or afraid to ask the right questions at the beginning of a project.

This can only be successful if the approach is aligned and with respect of the other stakeholders on a project. It seems easy but requires to leave our own comfort zone and isn’t that just something that we are all scared to do?
We come in contact with a lot of people and have a brief timeframe to understand the mindset and the values of those persons within your company that might be a little different as the people we are used working with.

Developing this ability to quickly and creatively approach the project and the people makes someone a perfect match for this kind of work. And let this now be the key to play the game. This meta motivation -if we refer to Maslow pyramid of needs- is why consultants go beyond the scope and strive for constant amelioration.

If you book a consultant who wants to take over your entire company immediately, reflect twice as the required change management will not see the daylight soon. To roll out new era products, services, procedures or methodologies time is at the essence.
Stakeholder management requires a consultant that understands the interaction between the different Belbin team characters and positions himself in the required role. This demands reflection and experience in the kick off of the mission.

The good compliance consultant is the person that would fit into your company seamlessly and where you do not expect problems with your internal staff without him/her being a grey mouse. You also understand that the consultant will not be forever at your side, but isn’t that just the sign that your organisation is back on track where it belongs as a business?

Mission accomplished.

Outsourcing Compliance Function

The benefits of outsourcing your governance risk and compliance activities can be numerous. Contemporary Knowledge, multiple skills, personality, resourcefulness, good mentality, correct communication even in crisis situations, thinking and observing are the key elements we can bring to your company. Above all, our compliance experts will mitigate your business regulatory risks by performing efficient enterprise-wide risk management strategies.
Piet De Vreese - Pideeco Network Partner
Piet De Vreese Managing Director

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