Aurelie Vandenbulcke, Junior Consultant

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Aurelie Vandenbulcke

With Pideeco since September, 2023
Aurélie Vandenbulcke is a highly motivated newcomer, taking her first steps into the world of finance with ambition and dynamism. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge, she is determined to master the intricacies of AML and KYC.
Aurélie joined Pideeco in September 2023 as a Financial Crime Junior Consultant immediately after completing her Master’s degree in Business Economics with a specialization in European and International Business at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. Her curiosity, open-mindedness, and enterprising spirit drive her to pursue continuous learning and growth at Pideeco, making her a valued member of the team.

Career Achievements

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How important are audit trails for your company?

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An audit trail (also called audit log) is a relevant chronological recording of actions, a set of files, or the destination of a collection of records that represent a sequence of successive activities or events within an operational environment, a p...

What is the impact of the EU whistleblowing legislation?

BelgiumComplianceData SecurityEuropeEUWhistleblowingTax HavensPersonal Data

Whistleblowing became a subject of concern when major consequences produced by Swiss Leaks and Lux Leaks made the case for a change in the European framework. In both cases, the whistleblowers worked for private companies prior to leaking information...

The rising cost of regulatory compliance for financial institutions

ComplianceFinancial firmsFinancial operationsGovernanceDue DiligenceEWRAKYCAMLGDPREurope

Businesses are increasingly worried about regulatory costs that arise every time a new legal framework is introduced. The stakeholders fear that the cost of compliance will cut the growth of businesses and will lead to very restrictive business envir...

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