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Anti-Money Laundering (hereafter "AML") compliance regulation is a challenge for financial institutions and other obliged entities. Local regulators do not hesitate to impose huge fines and mandatory corrective measures. The economic cost due to the negligence in the fight against money laundering is not a low risk anymore.

AML Legal Regulatory framework

In the European Union, the main legislation is the European Directive 2005/60/EC and the Directive 2006/70/EC on the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and it was amended by the 4th AML Directive 2015/849 (hereafter "AMLD4"). The 5th Anti-Money Directive (hereafter "AMLD5") was published in June 2018.

Money laundering is, in short, the conversion or transfer of money or assets with the aim of concealing or disguising their illegal origin or assisting a person who is involved in a crime from which this money or assets derive, in order to avoid the legal consequences of his or her actions. Please refer to the European Commission AML dedicated web section to keep your business aware of the latest anti-money laundering updates and regulatory changes.

AML impact : Terrorism financing

Financing of terrorism (hereafter "FT") is the distribution or collection of funds, in any way, directly or indirectly, with the purpose of or knowledge that these funds will be used in full or in part by a terrorist or a terrorist organization.

The European Union's freedom of capital movement and simplified processes for some financial services has made the EU a target for criminals who want to take advantage of this regime. The financing of terrorism is usually carried out on an international level, not only European. This is the reason why the EU tries to introduce additional detailed rules for the prevention of these crimes. Emphasis has been put to improve the identification and verification process of the customers of the entities and financial institutions in scope. For more information on the Know Your Customer process please check the relevant publications on this website .

Our professionals help you to find a wide range of solutions against money laundering, terrorist financing and other problems related to financial crime. To comply with regulations and directives related to AML and FT, Pideeco's offers give you a sustainable risk-based approach to anticipate sanctions.


What is AML operational compliance ?

The process of screening for financial sanctions alone or combined with politically exposed persons and negative financial information assessment can be complex, time consuming and resource demanding.
Pideeco’s Customer Due Diligence Platforms and dedicated Business Solutions provide a range of tools to identify and verify customer identities against official sanction lists (OFAC, UN, EU, Nationals,...), to detect suspicious movements of funds and business relationships, and to help you fight against financial system abuse and comply with your obligations.

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Europol définit le crime financier comme "les actes" illégaux commis par un individu ou un groupe d'individus dans le but d'obtenir ...

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