Thomas Turcksin, Junior Consultant

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Thomas Turcksin

With Pideeco since February, 2022
Thomas is a junior consultant with a meticulous approach to his work. Thomas is eager to learn and enjoys challenges while excelling in teamwork to achieve goals.
Thomas is a junior consultant who joined Pideeco in January 2021. Pro-active, he immediately developed his knowledge thanks to the missions he was entrusted with, whether internal or external. He perfectly fulfills the role of a multitasker or operations support.Calm in any situation he doesn't hesitate to take charge to help his team.

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How are charities used for money laundering?

AMLAnti Money LaunderingCryptocurrenciesDue DiligenceEthicsFinancial SanctionsKnow your CustomerKYCMoney LaunderingRed FlagsTerrorism Financing

As funds flow into the hands of charities, an unsettling question arises: is your donation inadvertently fueling money laundering activities? While the noble intentions behind charitable giving inspires positive change, criminals have exploited the r...

The hidden costs of golden visas

AMLKYCEuropeMonitoringPrivacyReportingInvestment5AMLDRussiaTransparencyFinancial SanctionsDue DiligenceCorruptionFinancial Institutions

Over the past years, the golden visa has seen a surge in participation in its programmes. But along with its rising popularity, corruption and AML risks have also seeped into its core. Many argue that citizenship is a public good, not a commodity for...

The rising cost of regulatory compliance for financial institutions

ComplianceFinancial firmsFinancial operationsGovernanceDue DiligenceEWRAKYCAMLGDPREurope

Businesses are increasingly worried about regulatory costs that arise every time a new legal framework is introduced. The stakeholders fear that the cost of compliance will cut the growth of businesses and will lead to very restrictive business envir...

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