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Vasiliki Karamousali

With Pideeco since October, 2018
Vasiliki is focused on compliance and regulatory consulting services. Prior to moving into compliance she was consulting regarding the distribution of investment funds. She is a highly motivated professional, combining a solid academic background with a wealth of work experiences.
Vasiliki joined Pideeco in October 2018. Her academic background combined with a variety of work experiences enhanced her with skills and qualifications, enabling her to correspond to the best in demanding projects.

More work

The struggle of financial institutions in the fight against money laundering (AML)

AML, Money Laundering, EU, Financial Sanctions,

In recent years, the banking sector in the European Union has been shaken by different scandals related to money laundering. On July 24th, 2019, the European Commission published reports including one on the assessment of recent alleged money launde...

Outcomes of the FATF October 2019 Plenary Week in Paris

FATF, GAFI, AML, Anti-Money Laundering, FATF WEEK, Money Laundering,

For one week, from 13 to 18 October, representatives of 205 countries and jurisdictions, the IMF, UN, World Bank and other organizations (OECD, OSCE, Europol, Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units, ...) met in Paris for the Financial Action Ta...

How Hawala transactions work and business compliance challenges

European Commission, Hawala, Money Laundering, AML, Know your Customer,

In February 2019, another criminal group was arrested in Europe, for laundering money through hawala transactions. Based on the Europol press release, French and Italian police cooperated and 19 suspects were arrested. Algerian authorities also seiz...

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Vasiliki Karamousali - Pideeco Network Partner

Vasiliki Karamousali

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